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Your geomarketing analysis made simple and quick

What is IDmatic ?

Geomarketing, also named “Location Based Business Intelligence”, may be described as the spatial analysis and description of economic phenomenon; it is a critical discipline in the economic field which request the help of a collection of parameters. In order to produce clear, accurate and impartial analysis, you need a tool, simple to use, but highly efficient as far as functions and results are concerned.

IDmatic is the Geomarketing Information System which integrates Grid analysis methods.

You may generate :

  • Maps background,
  • Analysis protocols which record all computing sequence made on data,
  • The study territories,
  • The position of the Grid and the size of cells,
IDmatic : Rigor and accuracy to attend economic data computing

Functions customized to the requirements of spatial analysis

IDmatic has the required functions permitting valid analysis work on data related to space.

  • A very simple editing tool helps to generate analysis protocols and to save them in order to replay computation with other territories or with updated data.
  • This provides a great benefit to the analyst who has immediate access to all procedures and computation prepared earlier.
  • Using the various available operators (arithmetic, statistic, Boolean …) you may compute all data from various sources, customers, economic surveys, census..

With IDmatic : Geomarketing can match everybody needs

The benefits of IDmatic

The IDmatic tool has been developed specifically to answer the requirements of analysts who want to apply rigorously the rules and methods of Spatial Analysis.

Grid analysis imply to load data in space and process them with the classical methods of Matrix computing. This method allows making quantitative studies, using maps as tools and not only as an end result.

IDmatic has been elaborated to guarantee:

  • The highest accuracy in mathematical processing and geometrical allocation of data,
  • Simple handling by users,
  • The great facility to save studies protocols in order to replay them with various territories and updated data.

This function, which records protocols, provides not only great time savings but it secures absolute consistence in periodic studies.

Available statistic functions, as well as those which will be later implemented, are based on reliable expert analysis methods.

In IDmatic you may view grid cells data on a scatterplot in order to check their accuracy and fine-tune if needed.

In short ...

IDmatic is the proper tool to make geomarketing analysis quickly, simply and precisely.

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